A Birthday Escape: So This is 25

Gracias for all of the Birthday wishes! Below you will find some random ramblings of a recently aged 25 year old:

Well, today is the day. I was officially born a quarter of a century ago. It’s so funny when people ask me how it feels to be 25. It literally feels just like any other day, except more people are talking to me today and I’m making more exceptions for eating poorly. Haha. Plus, I have been 25 for less than 24 hours so… yeah.

I just spent my birthday playing Dance Dance Revolution at Dave & Buster’s while wearing an OG Power Rangers cutoff graphic tee. But I also have a career, bills to pay, and a husband. So I guess this is adulting at its finest. 25. Ahh, what a time. To be alive. 

My husband got me a bike for my birthday (probably because I’ve been begging all year and I was going to buy it for myself eventually). I rode it, and I definitely felt old. Well, just really out of shape actually. My legs were burning after a solid two full revolutions of the pedals. I don’t remember riding a bike being this strenuous. But then again, I didn’t have to carry so much body weight back in the day. 

 I’m lying in the bath right now. The water is a purpley tint from the bath bomb I threw in. Shoutout to Lush! Sponsor me?! Please. But really though shoutout to my friends for hooking a chica up with these gifts doe! And just shoutout to forcing me to participate in actual human interaction and relationships. Otherwise, I would be a hermit. Still a semi-hermit. But das okay. 

I’ve grown so much. Gotten rid of so many people/places/things that had a negative impact on me. Wow. Look at that 24 year old woman. She went through it. She grew through it. Dang, she’s badass! 25 looks good on her. Happiness looks good on her. There are still some chains to break but good gracious she’s looking mighty free in this new light! She’s loving it. I’m loving her. Beautiful growth. A struggle turning into a victory. This is 25. I made it!

What’s next?!


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