Escape Singledom: Wife Life – Month 1

Well, you guessed it. We have been married for a whole month now. We’re making strides here people. Making strides. Just kidding. It actually still doesn’t feel real. And at the tiny random moments that it feels real, it feels like it was five minutes ago that we did the whole wedding shabang.

Anyway, can I even comment on marriage after a month of being married? Haha. I’m still feeling out the whole marriage gig, so let me just share some things that I have noticed since becoming a married woman:

My name has changed!

That exclamation point was not one typed with enthusiasm as much as sarcasm. I have been called “Mrs. John Lewis” about 328745345 times. And my little feminist heart cringes… every… single… time. I might have, slightly, agreed to the last name change and although we both have the same initials, I could have sworn my name was still Jessica. But other people beg to differ. Sometimes it’s funny to me and other times I get annoyed. But hey, tis the wife life I guess.

Guys try to hit on me and I can finally take it one step further than, “I have a boyfriend”.

So many times have the words “I have a boyfriend” come out of my mouth. And so many times have I heard: “you can’t have friends though?”, “he’s not here now”, etc. But it’s just something about saying “I’m married” that really can repel most guys. Guy at the gas station just hit me with the “excuse me, are you a married woman?” I said yes and he threw his hands up and slowly backed away. I like that.

I am expected to be a master chef.

And my husband isn’t even the one worried about me cooking. At the wedding I had other women ask me or talk to me about cooking. I get it. That might have been a thing for you when you were growing up and/or got married, but dang. The first words out of your mouth after Jay and I get married are “can you cook” instead of “congratulations”? I wasn’t feeling it. And I’m sure none of them asked my husband if he can cook… *rolls eyes* But don’t fret fellow women, my husband ain’t missing no meals, whether they be cooked by me or by Dylan at the Bojangles around the corner from our house.

Children need to happen, and STAT!

“So when are you having kids?” “How many kids do you want?” “Do you want boys or girls?” “You should name your kid *insert name*” People are probably just excited about the idea of children now that I’ve taken the next step and gotten married. However, I’m not pressed. Whatever happens, happens. And no, I probably won’t be naming my child after your favorite celebrity nor your great grandpa.

Okay. Okay. Sarcasm aside, the first month has gone well. Nothing has really changed, other than the little butterflies I get when I refer to Jay as “My Husband”. We still do everything we did before we got married. Well… except that one thing that married people do that we weren’t doing… But enough about fist bumping our wedding rings together like we are part of Captain Planet’s team. I can’t wait to see what Month Two brings, especially the HONEYMOON! And I pray that I stay this excited throughout the rest of the months that we are going to spend together.

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