Escape Singledom: The Proposal, as told by the Proposee

It all started on a Sunday…

We have company. Jay’s uncle came to provide some of his handiwork. Jay’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend are at the house, too.

Jay tells me that we are helping his grandparents out because they are hosting a party. It seems legit, so I didn’t think anything of it. So everyone is getting ready for the party. My nails look like crap, so I decide to paint them… thank the Lord… those pictures would’ve been a tragedy. I get all dolled up in my heels and my little faux fur vest. Everyone is ready to go except Jay. So I am annoyed… especially when his brother, uncle, and brother’s girlfriend decide that they are going to just drive separate. Jessica don’t like to waste that gas, honey. I was annoyed with Jay and he was probably annoyed that I was annoyed because of what he had planned to do that night.

We finally get in the car and it’s a given that we are going to be late. I am sooooo annoyed. How are we supposed to help host a party when everyone is already there way before we even arrive? Then we pull up to his grandparents house because they “forgot” something. I am so over it. Late as ever, we get to the clubhouse and somehow magically get a spot right at the door, suspicious. We start walking towards the door and Jay is acting all weird wanting to hold my hand and stuff, also suspiciousWe don’t usually hold hands too often. I’m annoyed so I probably smacked his hand away. We go inside and then we are walking towards the door to the actual room and I’m thinking it doesn’t look like there are too many people here because I didn’t see anyone, even more suspicious.

I go in the door first and the lighting is dim and I see people crowded in one corner with their phones recording. I immediately think oh crap, we ruined someone’s surprise and start to push Jay back out the door. But he’s pushing me back in the door. So I’m like what the heck and then I realize… oh… this is for me. And he does his lil speech telling me how awesome I am and gets down on his knee and asks me to marry him. I feel like I said yes or at least nodded my head but only God can verify at this point. He put that rang on my fangah and bam, WE’RE ENGAGED!

He did so well on the ring too people. I didn’t pick it out or anything. I just told him what I liked:

  • cushion cut
  • circular shape
  • twisty design band

20/10 he hit the nail on the head. I love it! ❤ Thanks boo. Only 71 days to go. 😉


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