Escape Singledom: Couples 123 Tag

Hola! So I am on a 4 month countdown until my wedding day and I want to start a new series for wedding related posts. It is going to be called: Escape Singledom.

In my first post of this series I wanted to do a fun tag. I found the Couples 123 tag.

There are 10 questions.

Each question is asked and each person comes up with an answer.

Couple counts to 3 and reveals his/her answer at the same time.

Pre-Tag Thoughts:

I think that none of his answers will match mine and I may get slightly annoyed. There will probably be a lot of “really” and “are you serious” being said with some shaking of my head. We shall see what happens, lol.

Here are our results:

  1. If your fiance could be married to a movie star who would it be?

    • Him: Paul Wall, from Fast and Furious. Lort. 
    • Me: Ryan Reynolds. Since I don’t want to be Paul Walker’s widower. But if he was alive… LISTEN!
  2. If your fiance could be a celebrity who would it be?

    • Him: Beyoncé. Fair answer. 
    • Me: No one. Not really into being a celebrity.
  3. You’ve gone to 711 to get milk and decide to buy your fiance a treat, what did you buy?

    • Him: Ice cream, duh. I do love icecream. 
    • Me: Slushy! Or Candy…
  4. What percentage of house work would your fiance say that she does?

    • Him: 30. So generoussss. 
    • Me: 20…
  5. If your fiance could choose one thing for you to get rid of, what would it be?

    • Him: Junk Food Snacks. I do try to get him to eat better. 
    • Me: Those dang fish tanks!
  6. What is your fiance’s most repeated sentence or phrase?

    • Him: You slow. Touché. 
    • Me: I’m hungry.
  7. What is your fiance’s most used [pet name for you]?

    • Him: Toots. Also correct. 
    • Me: Tooty.
  8. What is your fiance’s ultimate favorite movie?

    • Him: Star Wars, may the force be with you. I can see why he chose this. 
    • Me: Don’t have one.
  9. A meteor just hit, you’ve saved everything important, what would your fiance go back to get?

    • Him: Ice Cream. Really?
    • Me: Everything else. I am a hoarder and am emotionally tied to a lot of things. 
  10. The saying opposites attract is true because my fiance and I are opposite at _______?

    • Him: The Definition of Cleaning. He tidies up, done often. I deep clean, done not as often. 
    • Me: Almost everything that deals with preference.

Post-Tag Thoughts:

It was much more entertaining than I thought it would be. And other than having to explain the rules fifty times, I wasn’t very annoyed at all. So I think this tag was a win and we both definitely got our giggles in for the day. 

Do you know of some more relationship tags or challenges that might be fun for my fiancé and I to do? Do you have any wedding-related post topics that you would like me to discuss? Let me know in the comments!

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