Escape to 2017: 2016 through the Rear View

If you haven’t visited the Home page or read the About page, the title of this post may come off differently than I expected. So be sure to check that out as a reference.

I think that going into a new year is always a good excuse for self reflection… that is, if you needed an excuse. I am all about self-reflection. And the way that my mind is set up, I reflect… a lot. Blessing and a curse.

Reflecting on how far I have come creates a sort of gratitude in me. Reflecting on the bad times breaks the chains of the negative and actively changes my attitude about my life. However, once the chains are broken it is important to leave that negativity in the past. Learn from it and let it go. On the other hand, occasionally looking back on the good is definitely acceptable, in my opinion. There just comes that line where you are simply reminiscing on good times or you are actually living in the past. That’s where it gets tricky.

With 2016 at an end and quickly entering into the new year, I wanted to share my highlight reel of 2016. I just want you to know that sharing the highlight reel of my year does not mean that it was a perfect year. It just means that I would rather see the high points when I choose to glance into my rear view and part of escaping the lower valleys of my past is dealing with them and leaving them right where they are.

  • I got ENGAGED!
    • I get to marry an awesome man.
  • I was able to TRAVEL!
    • I went on a Euro Trip with my best friend (her first international trip). We went to Rome, London, and Paris. Look forward to some posts about this trip soon!
    • My fiancé and I visited some awesome friends in Puerto Rico. We had a blast!
    • My fiancé and I finally visited the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. I def want to go back for Christmastime at least once.
    • My fiance’s family and I went to Orlando! I love the theme parks there because they have rides that I will actually get on.
    • I went on a birthday trip to Wrightsville Beach with my boo, best friend, and her boo.
  • I earned a PROMOTION!
    • “I’m the captain now.”
    • Well, I earned two to be exact, but who is counting… *toot toot*
  • My NEPHEW was born!
    • His name is Carter. He was experiencing some health issues but his tests are looking pretty normal these days. 🙂
  • My GODSON was born!
    • My first official experience witnessing the miracle that is birth. His name is Carson. Yes sometimes my brain wants to spit out the name Carter.. but don’t worry, I have not mixed up the names outside of my mind.
  • I said YES TO THE DRESS!
    • Okay, so the price tag kinda puts a damper on things but it was the second cheapest I found and the dress itself is very beautiful. And I don’t look too bad in it, lol. 😉
  • I spent New Year’s Eve with my boo at CHURCH!
    • I have honestly never spent New Year’s Eve at church. I have heard of other people doing it, but I was either partying in college or watching the ball drop with my family and sipping on that sparkling grape juice. I can truly say that I enjoyed spending the night at Church. Having the rest of my family there and sipping some sparkling grape juice wouldn’t have been bad either. And it’s not like you can’t dress up and be cute at church, too. 😉

Well, I tried to condense this list as well as I could party people. Although, there are many more highlights where that came from.

What are some of your 2016 highlights? Share them in the comments below. I would love to know!

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