A Christmas Escape: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house.. every creature was stirring but none were a mouse. Eight little rascals and three in their teens, all running a muck with big smiles that gleamed. 

The grown ups were no different, with laughter filling the air. Although, you wouldn’t get the joke… you just had to be there. 

The smell of barbecue and hush puppies filled the room. And the the cards were crafted, because Christmas was coming soon. There was music and dancing, and some screaming happened too… Followed by a stern talking to, and a few boo hoos. 

There were board games to play and pictures to color. We unwrapped gifts with oven mits, and almost got beaten by our mother. 

We handed out gifts while gathered around the tree. Everyone began to rip them open once I counted to three. They opened Darth Vader sneakers and Monster High dolls. The kids were excited and jumping off walls. We opened gifts of clothes and blankets with pictures. I hope that my sisters like their lotion and slippers. 

It was chaotic and annoying, but also so fun. I wouldn’t trade this tradition, not for anyone. 
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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