A Christmas Escape: The Gingerbread Experience

Have you ever planned to do something and the reality was very tragically different from the expectation? Well, I just experienced this last night. Two of my friends came into town for the holidays and we had a girls night. I thought it would be cool to decorate some gingerbread houses since I hadn’t done so since I was really young so I bought a kit from Walgreens. Well…



Yeah. So I expected to simply follow the directions on the box and mirror the pictures on the front of it. All of the icing was going to stick like the stickiest glue I have ever used. A;; of the pieces of each house were going to stick together and stand strong.My exterior design game was going to be the fleekiest of the season.


First of all, they didn’t even have the same candy options as the decorations on the pictures on the front of the box. We already started out on the wrong foot when one of the triangles for Santa’s Chalet was broken. Then I broke apart all of the pieces of each house and didn’t keep them separated by house type… so there was just one pile of pieces. We tried our best to figure out which pieces went to which house. I think we did a pretty good job. The chalet fell apart multiple times no matter how much icing was added to it. Then we started working on the next house, which actually turned out pretty well. It was the best one we made by far. Lastly, we had to redeem ourselves for the chalet so we started on Santa’s Office. The pieces weren’t lining up correctly, which was annoying. It felt like we were going back downhill so we just started decorating the house that we did have.


It was so tragic that we only made three out of the five houses in the village. We ended up just eating the rest of the gingerbread pieces, icing, and candy. And that was my Gingerbread Experience.

I think it is safe to say that a decision has been made to buy a pre-made house and just decorate it, not actually try to put it together.

Did you make/decorate a Gingerbread house this year? Leave a link to your picture in the comments below! I definitely want to check it out.

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