A Christmas Escape: Christmas Candles

Well, I have a confession… I may or may not be a candle hoarder – specifically candles from Bath & Body Works. No, this post isn’t sponsored. But I wish it was! lol. I have certain candles that I burn during certain seasons and times of the year. Below you will find a list of the candles I have for the winter season.

Tis the Season

  • This candle smells exactly like Christmas! It’s got a little spice to it, but isn’t as spicy as a Cinnamon Apple Type of smell.

Merry Cookie

  • I don’t usually like any sweet vanilla scented candles, but I think I can handle a Merry Cookie candle. However, it definitely isn’t my favorite.

Marshmallow Fireside

  • This candle literally smells exactly like it is named. My friend says she smells more of the fire when she burns hers, but I think mine smells exactly like a fire roasted marshmallow. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

Frosted Cranberry

  • This is a great alternative to the usual apple cents. This candles gives a fruity scent that still works for the winter time.

Winter Candy Apple



  • This is a sweeter smelling candle. I love it! It’s definitely in my top favorites.


  • I feel like this candle reminds me of a man. But not an overbearing manly musk smell. This candle is more for Fall, but I just love the scent so much that I wanted to include it.

Do you like candles? Let me know where you get yours from and  what scents you love in the comments below. I have gotten my fiance hooked on candles so he loves my candle hoarding lifestyle, lol.

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