A Christmas Escape: When Santa’s Wallet is a Lil Thin

This is a post for all my peoples who are ballin on a budget this Christmas. I have made a list of tips on ways that I try to save money while buying Christmas gifts. This is especially important for me as I have a huge immediate family to buy gifts for. Plus, I’m about to gain a whole other family when I get married next year. That’s a lot of people!

  1. Check the Sale rack first!

    • If you really know me then you know that the only thing I buy full price is food and drink… and even then, ya girl is searching for the sales!
    • Most stores either have a clearance rack or a clearance aisle. Always check there first. If you search, you can find some gems.
  2. Use coupons!

    • Retail Me Not
      • Always look up the store on RetailMeNot to see if there are any sales and any coupons that you can use.
    • Store App
      • Almost every store has an app now. Look up the store online and see if there’s an app. Usually if you sign up, you will receive a free item or a coupon.
    • Email Subscriptions
      • Sign up for the email list. They will sometimes send coupons exclusively to the people on the mailing list. It will also keep you up to date on upcoming sales.
      • Usually if you sign up, you will receive a free item or a coupon.
  3. Make a basket!

    • Buy a lot of cheap things that relate to each other and add to a basket to make a complete gift.
    • For example, if you know someone who needs some stress relief: buy some lotion, a candle, some bath soak, some body scrub and voila!
  4. Give a Handmade Gift!

    • I personally prefer this just because I love being creative and DIYing some crafty stuff. Plus, I already have a lot of the materials I would need anyway so I wouldn’t incur many expenses on the project.
    • You get to have fun while making it and they get to have a gift made from the heart. *cue the “awwwwwww”*
  5. Buy Gifts throughout the year!

    • This is the hoarder in me and the cheap-o in me. Like I said before… I don’t buy anything full price. If it’s full price, it ain’t for me.
    • If something is on a super crazy sale, then buy it while it’s on sale and save it to gift at a later date. Ain’t nothing wrong with saving your money honey!

      What do you do to keep costs down when buying gifts?

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