A Christmas Escape: This is My Grown Up Christmas List

Did you read the title of this post like the song, “Grown Up Christmas List”? I know you did…

I have compiled a Gift Guide for all of us who are Kids at Heart! This guide will help you buy gifts for that friend or relative that is an adult who is still indulging in his/her youth. Gift these to him/her or just buy them for yourself. Like I have said before, I am a firm believer in “Treat Yoself”.

Adult Coloring Book

Yes, we love to color. It is called an Adult Coloring book for a reason people! And this way we don’t have to color on those cheap-o children’s coloring book pages that fall apart when we use markers and gel pens. Also, we can step our game up and transition from coloring with crayons to more adults mediums like colored pencils, markers, and gel pens. Disney Villains is my top, then Star Wars, then Harry Potter. They are BOGO 1/2 off at Michael’s right now!.


Toy Story Vans

I just really want to take the time now to emphasize that this is a Grown Up Christmas List… But really, the shoes even have Andy written on the bottom. What 90s baby can say no to that!?



Now this one is for the Kid at Heart who is also a techy. Who didn’t make videos that you wish you hadn’t as a youngin? I know I have 1 or 2… 0r 50 that I can think of. Well, now it’s time to make some awesome videos of the activities we do as adults that still fuel the fire of our youth! Skydiving, biking, long boarding, whatever.. record it and bask in the memories.


Swaggy Socks

If wearing awesome socks is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Every kid at heart loves to express him/her self. What better way to do so than to do it with socks? You can have the most outrageous colors and designs and people will never know… unless you want them to, of course.


Portable Sega Genesis

The portable Sega Genesis is complete with all of the games that we enjoyed as kids. This gift will fill your kid at heart with nostalgic memories. The console can be played on the go and it also has a hookup that can be used to connect to a TV.

Are you a kid at heart? Let me know what you want for Christmas in the comments below.

Only 6 days left to enter my Christmas Photo Challenge to win a prize!

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