A Christmas Escape: Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover Under $20

Christmas is approaching people! Some people got their Christmas shopping done in November and other will wait until December 24th.. For the people who fall into the latter of the two I have prepared a gift guide specific to the fitness lovers out there.

Now, the person doesn’t necessarily have to love fitness but a general interest in fitness is necessary. This person can be a gym goer or an at home workouter. He/she can be three years into his/her fitness journey or just thinking about wanting to start. These gifts are basic staples that anyone can enjoy.

This post is not sponsored. I found all of the pricing on Amazon.com and have linked each item back to the original seller.

Yoga Mat 19.99 USD


  • This is versatile. It can be used to actually do yoga. It could be used for core work at the gym. It could be used just to stretch after a workout. The possibilities are endless.
  • I chose the thicker mar because I personally enjoy these better as they take more pressure off of my knees. Thinner mats are also available.

Foam Roller 16.99 USD


  • This is necessary for anyone who participates in any physical activity. A foam roller helps to get out all of the kinks that stretching alone can’t get to.
  • I have just recently used a foam roller for the first time and now I don’t want to leave the gym without using one. Some gyms don’t have foam rollers or theirs just aren’t good enough so this is a perfect gift.

Protein Cookies 21.99 USD (Pack of 12)


  • I feel like an interest in fitness is met with an interest in health. Fitness lovers have heard the 80% in the kitchen bit, I’m sure.
  • Well, just because one wants to be healthy doesn’t mean that he/she loses the sweet tooth. These cookies are packed with protein, so gains are still possible while satisfying a sweet craving. I chose Lemon Poppyseedl however, there are many flavors.

Sneaker Balls 6.95 USD (Pack of 2)


  • Usually when people work out, they sweat, and sweat can sometimes develop an odor over time if not dealt with.
  • These are used to keep workout sneakers and even gym bags fresh. I feel like everyone knows that one person with the smelly gym sneakers. This gift is perfect for that! This can also be used as a preventative measure to avoid being the person with the smelly gym sneakers.

Toiletry Tote 15.95 USD 


  • Showering at the gym can be annoying, but sometimes it is the only way to get a workout in before work. This gift will make showering at the gym go smoothly.
  • Having a bag of all toiletries for the shower is convenient and the one I chose even has a suction cup to add to that.

What gifts would you like as a Fitness Lover? What gifts have you bought for the Fitness Lover’s in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out my Christmas Photo Challenge to enter to win!

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