24 Things to be Thankful For this Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow people. I think that calls for everyone to go around and say what he/she is thankful for. Okay, my turn: 

I am thankful for..

1. Having a platform to even write this post. 

2. My fiancé being able to meet my great grandma this Thanksgiving. 

3. Getting to spend time with my extended family this Thanksgiving. 

4. Getting to spend time with my fiancé’s family this Thanksgiving. 

5. Having a fiancé, for many reasons… HE DRIVES EVERYWHERE WE GO! Hehe. 

6. Getting another promotion at my job!

7. Even having a job. 

8. Adult Coloring Books & G2 Pens.

9. This rice heat pack from Mrs. Lewis – these back spasms are no joke!

10. Being able to take PTO at work today. 

11. Being able to sponsor multiple Angel Tree children. 

12. Being able to visit my dad. 

13. All of the travel opportunities that I have had in my life so far.

14. Great friends who care for me and call me out on my bs. 

15. A supportive family.

16. The Lord’s grace being new every day. 

17. The birth of healthy children in the lives of people who once were or still are a part of my path in life.

18. Skeptics who have come to our church and took away something positive, which made them want to come back. 

19. My fiancé! Did I already say that? Well, I have had a rough go at it the past month – especially at work. And coming home to a meal, some icecream, or a silly love note has gone a very long way! 

Luh ju boo. 

20. The capacity for growth. I love that there is always an aspect in my life that I can build on. 

21. Cheap Movie Tuesday’s! Just saw Dr. Strange last night. It was strange. I liked it. 

22. Patience. I’ve never been the best with this, but I really feel myself developing and it’s paying off. 

23. Coworkers who are open to new ideas. Because we have had a lot of collaboration going on. 

24. Jesus dying on the cross, that my sins have been forgiven. 

What are you thankful for at this moment in your life? Share below in the comments. 

Also, be sure to check out my previous post to discover an opportunity to give back to your community this holiday season. 

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