A Halloween Escape: Minimal Last Minute Halloween Idea

So, if you’re a procrastinator like me then you might have had big Halloween dreams but you waited until Halloween to try to make those dreams a reality. Or, you could also be like me and just not want to spend a lot of money. This costume will help for both of those situations and more.

So I was thinking… Everyone loves the filter feature on snapchat, so why not recreate a staple snapchat filter as a Halloween Costume. I chose the Snapchat Dog. No matter how many times the filters are changed and switched out, the dog filter always remains.

This costume is great because you can recreate it at home with stuff that you might already have. Even if you don’t have all of the materials, you can most definitely get everything for around 10.00 USD or less. You can also wear any outfit you want with this costume so you can still incorporate your every day style.

See how to recreate this look below:


Materials Needed:


  • Headband
  • Snapchat dog ears printout
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape

So for this one all you need to do is:

  1. Print out the dog ears.
  2. Cut the ears out, but leave a little room for underneath each ear so that you can attach them to the headband.


  1. Evenly space the ears apart on the headband to map out where you want the placement.
  2. Fold the flap of each ear over the headband and either tape or glue it. Let this dry if you used glue.
  3. Try on your headband ears and make sure the spacing is to your liking. Adjust as needed
  4. Accessory Complete!


Materials Needed:


  • Dark Brown Face Paint/Foundation/Concealer/Eyeshadow
  • Black Eyeliner/Face Paint/Eyeshadow
  • Medium Brown Face Paint/Foundation/Concealer/Eyeshadow
  • Light Brown/White Face Paint/Eyeshadow/Concealer
  • Makeup/Paint Brush


  1. Wash your face.
  2. Moisturize as needed.
  3. If you usually wear makeup, do your regular makeup routine.
  4. Outline the dog mouth shape in sort of a sideways bean shape in the medium brown color and fill it in.


  1. Outline the dog nose shape in the dark brown shade and fill it in.


  1. Draw a black line around both nostrils.
  2. Draw a straight line up the bottom middle of the nose to about half way up the dark brown area.
  3. Add a vertical line of light brown or white color to the top of the dark brown area and blend out for a highlight.
  4. Draw dots on either side of the medium brown area.


  1. Makeup Complete!

Now get dressed in whatever you would like, put on your ears, stick out your tongue, and head out the door!



If you recreated this look, please leave a comment below. If you didn’t recreate this look, but still dressed up for Halloween please leave a comment and/or pic of your costume!

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