A Halloween Escape: Top 13 Non-Horror Halloween Movies

I love Halloween, but I really don’t enjoy horror flicks. They aren’t my thing. Although I am all about a good psychological thriller, people just going around and chopping people up and blood being sprayed everywhere I tend to avoid. The following are the top thirteen non-horror movies that I love to watch every October as my Halloween tradition.


I attempted to order these from spooky to scary:

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Rating N/A)

This one is a definite classic. It is short and sweet with only being a 25-minute movie. It’s a great way to begin this list.

Short Summary: The Peanuts crew are celebrating Halloween with a big Halloween party. However, Linus ditches the party and awaits The Great Pumpkin’s visit in a nearby pumpkin patch.

Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (G)

There is also an Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (G), but I personally prefer wolfman (wolves are my favorite animals), but both movies are interchangeable for the most part.

Short Summary: Alvin keeps having nightmares about werewolves. These nightmares carry over into his real life and he suspects that his neighbor is a werewolf. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore go to investigate further.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV-G)

This movie doesn’t really have anything to do with Halloween per say, but I do love to watch it in preparation for Halloween. I feel like witches are related so this movie makes the list.

Short Summary: Sabrina is celebrating her 16th birthday, but what she doesn’t know is that on the next full moon she will be coming into some new powers and be introduced into the world of witchcraft. Sabrina learns the do’s and dont’s of being a witch and sometimes oversteps the boundaries.

Casper Meets Wendy (PG)

Now Casper the Friendly Ghost is fun in himself but throw a young Hilary Duff in the mix and it’s even better.

Short Summary: Casper is a ghost. Wendy is a witch. Both of their families plan a getaway from their scaring and magic. Ghosts and witches aren’t the best of friends, but end up coming together to fight an evil warlock.

The Little Vampire

Jonathan Lipnicki has a cute name and a cute face, mix that with some people with overgrown canines and you’ve got yourself a very cute vampire movie!

Short Summary: Tony has moved to Scotland with his family and has a hard time making friends. Then he meets Rudolph and the two become great friends. Rudolph turns out to be… a vampire! Rudolph gets into some trouble and tony has to gain the courage to help.

Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble (Rating N/A)

Yes, another movie about twins. Do you see a pattern here? There is just something about twins that makes things more entertaining. It’s probably because I always wanted a twin, more so to take my place when it comes time to do all of the things that I never wanted to do.

Short Summary: The parents of twins are short on money and the bank is ready to take their house so they ask a rich aunt for a loan. The dark and mean aunt cruelly declines. It just so turns out that the aunt was a twin who trapped her bright and kind sister in a mirror. The young twins vow to free the kind aunt from the mirror before she has to remain there permanently.

Halloweentown Series

This series is for all my Disney Channel watchers. I prefer the older ones with the original Marnie, but I still make it a point to watch them all when Halloween rolls around.There are four different movies in this series and they are listed below:

Halloweentown (TV-PG)

Short Summary: Marnie discovers that she is a witch and her grandma lives in another dimension where it’s Halloween every day. Of course, a warlock torments and tries to destroy the town so Marnie has to use her newfound powers to help save the day.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge (TV-PG)

Short Summary: Marnie and her grandmother have to save trick-or-treaters from being magically turned into whatever costume they wear for Halloween. They also have to stop the portal between dimensions from being closed forever.

Halloweentown High (TV-G)

Short Summary: Marnie and her grandmother work towards integrating Halloweentown residents into a high school in the mortal world.

Return to Halloweentown  (TV-PG)

Short Summary: This is where a protagonist substitution comes into play. The original Marnie has been replaced. Marnie receives a scholarship to attend college in Halloweentown. Her mother isn’t so keen on the idea. Marnie discovers new information about her family history and has to choose if it is a gift or a curse.

Twitches & Twitches Too


It’s Sister Sister with a magical twist. What can I say, I enjoy a good Disney series.

Short Summary: A pair of twins are saved from the darkness and separated into two different families. Fate, or their two protectors, brings these two twins together. Eventually the darkness finds them and they will have to wield their unknown powers to try and beat it.

The Addams Family

*snap snap* I just can’t help myself every time I hear the name of this movie.

Short Summary: The Addams Family feels disconnected after a family fight ends in a member leaving. One day, Uncle Fester shows back up on their doorstep… but something is off about him.

Hocus Pocus (PG-13)

I feel like this one of the more talked about Halloween movies. I can watch it over and over and it never gets old. Plus, Thackery Binx was always my crush. I couldn’t wait to catch this movie on ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween (now FreeForm).

Short Summary: Three sisters who are witches were burnt at the stake. Many years later, a young boy revived them and their powers. Now, they young boy, his crush, his little sister, and a black cat have to stop the sisters from terrorizing the town.

Don’t Look Under The Bed

This is another Disney movie, but it is one of the darker Disney movies. I definitely had nightmares after watching this movie as a child, but then again I have always had a very vivid imagination.

Short Summary: Random pranks are being pulled all throughout town and one girl looks to be to blame. With the help of an imaginary friend, Francis tries to get to the bottom of the problem.

Beetlejuice (PG-13)

Vertical stripes and a whole lot of white face paint. Say his name three times and he’s there! Now, this is one of the creepier movies on the list and could quite possibly cause you to have very strange dreams.

Short Summary: A couple joins the recently deceased community and are stuck as ghosts in their own home, or what was their home. A new family moves in and the couple wants to “haunt” them out of the house. They call on Beetlejuice, a self-proclaimed Bioexorcist, for help.

Sleepy Hollow (R)

Okay. So, I had to add one R-Rated movie to the list because I ain’t no punk! Or… I just like to watch this movie around Halloween time… So there is some blood and decapitation in this movie, but the storyline makes up for it. Oh, and so does the fact that Johnny Depp is in it. 😉

Short Summary: This is another take on the Headless Horseman story. Detective, Ichabod Crane, is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate multiple decapitations. He then finds out that the culprit is the Headless Horseman and might become a victim himself.

Which one of these movies is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to check out my Top Halloween Songs in my last post and stay in the Halloween Spirit.

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